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From Legolas Woodland <legola...@gmail.com>
Subject A design question about logging hi volume of clicks into file or DB...
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2005 15:24:21 GMT
Thank you for reading my post.
I have a big design question :
i should log about 200,00 - 1.5M click that i receive for our web based 
(banner management)  a day and then process them to find
unique clicks , each banner clicks , each advertiser clicks.... and save 
them into databases to determine each banner's total view and hit , 
calculate prices ..
now my question is :
should i save each click into database and then process them from db , 
or its better to save them into plain text file and process that text 
file once or twice a day ?
I thought that i should use a JMs implementation like ActiveMQ pass all 
hits that i receive for my banners to ActiveMq and process them with 
another application wich is looking at the queue in real time.
but as i do not have several computer to act as server (i should deploy 
it on one computer) i thought that it could be cumbersome.
now i need your advice . because it is a big job for me and i should do 
it successfully.

Thank you

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