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From Veaceslav Chicu ...@infologic.fr>
Subject Re: ResultSet holdability
Date Fri, 18 Nov 2005 07:52:14 GMT

thank you for answers
I'm in embeded mode

exception in procedure is created like this
throw new SQLException("reason", "38002");

so if I look in my app I see sqlcode=38002 , severity=20000

it close my result set

best regards,

Dag H. Wanvik wrote:
> Hi,
> Veaceslav Chicu wrote:
> :
>>if I have an exception in my procedure, first resultSet will close?
>>normaly in my client application I shoud reexecute my select?
>>>>>>"Satheesh" == Satheesh Bandaram <satheesh@Sourcery.Org> wrote:
> Satheesh> 
> Satheesh> Are you using embedded driver or network driver? Wonder if this is:
> Satheesh> http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-694
> If the call fails with transaction severity (see
> http://db.apache.org/derby/docs/10.1/devguide/cdevconcepts844813.html),
> a rollback will ensue and the rollback will close the result set (even
> if holdability is HOLD_CURSORS_OVER_COMMIT). If it fails with
> statement severity, the transaction should not be rolled back and the
> result set should remain open. So, if you have a statement level exception
> *and* you are using the the network driver, it could be DERBY-694. 
> Dag

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