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From Kevin Hore ...@araxis.com>
Subject Re: Poor query optimizer choices is making Derby unusable for large tables
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 16:13:17 GMT
Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your response. I think you are probably right about Derby
not having a strategy for doing multiple scans. I think DERBY-47
probably covers this, but I'll perhaps add a note to that covering my

I had thought of using UNION but, unfortunately the IN clause must cope
with a varying number of values, and I don't want the system to be
constructing complex statements on-the-fly to avoid this particular
Derby problem. We have quite a number of queries affected by this, not
just the (simple) example under consideration, so using UNION would
require major surgery to our application.

Thanks again.

Kind regards

Kevin Hore

Jeffrey Lichtman wrote:
>> I've described the problem in detail below, and I'd appreciate any 
>> assistance. Specifically:
>> i) Does anyone have any plans to fix this problem?
> I believe the real problem is that Derby doesn't have any strategy for 
> doing multiple scans for OR/IN clauses. This is a useful feature, but I 
> don't know if anyone has entered an enhancement request.
>> ii) In the meantime, are there any work-arounds? I'd appreciate any 
>> suggestions that would decrease the execution time of my second query 
>> below (the one with with two search terms). Likewise, any general 
>> strategies for avoiding this problem with IN clauses would be 
>> appreciated.
> You could re-write the query to use UNION:
> SELECT ObjectId, SUM(WordLocation) AS Score
> FROM tblSearchDictionary
> WHERE Word = 'CONTACT' OR Word = 'ADD'
> GROUP BY ObjectId;
> would become:
> SELECT ObjectId, SUM(WordLocation) AS Score
>     (SELECT ObjectId, WordLocation
>         FROM tblSearchDictionary
>         WHERE Word = 'CONTACT'
>      UNION ALL
>      SELECT ObjectId, WordLocation
>         FROM tblSearchDictionary
>         WHERE Word = 'ADD') t
> GROUP BY ObjectId;
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