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From Michael Segel <mse...@segel.com>
Subject Re: Unable to create temporary table when using a readonly database
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 21:27:56 GMT
On Tuesday 29 November 2005 14:13, Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Hi Ian,
> This sounds like the wrong behavior to me, and you are welcome to file a
> bug. I realize that is cold comfort.
> Regards,
> -Rick

Uhm yes, silly question.
How is it a bug?

Not to sound Clinton-esque, but what do you mean when you say "read-only"?

From Derby's Developer Guide 
(My version has it on page 30):
"You can create Derby databases for use on read-only media such as CD-ROMs.

Derby databases in zip or jar files are also read-only databases.  Typically, 
read-only databases are deployed with an application in an embedded 
[Note any spelling errors are mine. ;-]

So, by this, it is not a bug to stop the creation of temp tables by the user 
when you create a read-only database. 

Sometimes I wonder if people are trying to create read-only copies of a derby 
database because there is no concept of PERMISSIONS? (No GRANT/REVOKE 

But hey, what do I know? 

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