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From Lars Clausen ...@statsbiblioteket.dk>
Subject Workarounds for too many open files?
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 08:14:54 GMT
Trying to import a 10GB text file (about 50x10^6 entries) into a single
Derby table, I got the following error:

ij> connect 'jdbc:derby:cdxdb'; ij> elapsedtime on; ij> CALL
'/home/lc/index-backping.cdx', '`', null, null, 1);
ERROR 38000: The exception 'SQL Exception: Exception during creation of
for container' was thrown while evaluating an expression.
ERROR XSDF1: Exception during creation of
for container
ERROR XJ001: Java exception:
'/home/lc/projects/webarkivering/scripts/sql/cdxdb/tmp/T1132842374093.tmp (Too many open files):

Has anybody seen this and found a workaround?  The table has no external
dependencies (in fact is the only one in the database) and has two
indices on it.  The schema is 

url varchar(3000), ip char(16), ingestdate date, mimetype varchar(256),
length bigint, arcfile varchar(256), offset bigint, fullmd5 char(20),
bodymd5 char(20), etag varchar(256), lastmodified date

I guess I'll have to go file a bug on it, too, even if there is a


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