Some specs, including this one I believe is delivered in javadoc format only, jsr 114 is an example of that.

I would suspect that is the case here but i have not dug deep, if you download the spec from the jcp site and it is not a pdf, then you have your answer 8-)

Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
Lance J. Andersen wrote:

Java Database Connectivity Optional Package (JDBC OP) Technology
Compatibility Kit (TCK) Version 1.0 is available now has been since 2004

Interesting, can I assume from this (javadoc for JSR169)

"Unless otherwise noted in the following sections, the requirements for
supporting features of the JDBC Specification API present in the JDBC
for CDC/FP Optional Package are defined by the JDBC 3.0 Specification API."

means that the logical subset of JDBC 3.0 compliance in JDBC 3.0 section
6.5 is required for the JSR169 TCK?

Is there a specification document for JSR169, I only remember the
javadoc that makes up the subset of JDBC 3.0 classes & methods?