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From "Arne Anka" <arne.a...@ginguppin.de>
Subject Re: SQL Exception: Connection refused : Invalid authentication.
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2005 18:57:46 GMT
> snippet, 'prop' gets initialized in initEmbedded.  Can you check if
> you are calling initEmbedded or initializing the 'prop' object
> elsewhere before you call readEmbedded?

nope. it's a really trivial usecase i try atm and i do notheing else then  
calling initEmbedded()before every attempt to access the db.
i tested explicitely as follows:

- start program
- call initEmbedded()
- call createEmbedded()
- call readEmbedded()
- works
- stop programm
- restart programm
- call initEmbedded()
- call readEmbedded()
- error

the only thing possible i could imagine (but not test atm), is a conflict  
prop.setProperty("derby.user.username", "password");

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