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From Dan Scott <deni...@gmail.com>
Subject DevX article comparing open-source databases
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2005 14:56:01 GMT
Hmm, anybody want to step up to the task of sending in corrections for
this "Open Source Database Feature Comparison Matrix":

The authors of the matrix (creators of DaffodilDB) compared Cloudscape
5.1 against DaffodilDB, MySQL 5.0, PostgreSQL 8.0, etc...

Rather than independently sending sets of (potentially conflicting)
emails to the devx editors, perhaps we could build a list of
corrections here; I'll kick it off by focusing on the obvious:

* Replace Cloudscape 5.1 with Apache Derby 10.1
* Add a checkmark for ODBC Driver
* Add a checkmark for user defined functions


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