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From Simon J Whittle <s.j.whit...@bcs.org.uk>
Subject [Java exception: 'loader,constraints violated when linking,org/apache/derby/iapi/store/access/StaticCompiledOpenConglomInfo,class: java.lang.LinkageError']
Date Sun, 30 Oct 2005 14:06:32 GMT
Dear All,

This is my first post to this list so my apologies for any 
conventions/rules I've inadvertently broken :-)       My situation is as 
follows: there is a commercial application called BlackBoard which is 
used by universities to provide learning resources to students, it's 
built upon Apache Tomcat and allows 3rd parties to develop "Building 
Blocks" (separate tomcat webapps) which can be integrated into the main 
BlackBoard application.  As part of my Building Block I have a servlet 
which creates a database (using the Cloudscape 10.0 library), and 
despite a few hic-ups on the learning curve it uses Java commands to 
create the database and it seemed to work fine.

However I've started throwing some bizarre LinkageError's (see subject) 
when querying the database, and so I thought I'd try the latest 
( Derby library  except this time I get "SQL Exception: Java 
exception: 'loader constraints violated when 
linkingorg/apache/derby/iapi/sql/execute/NoPutResultSet class: 
java.lang.LinkageError'"  when I'm actually creating the tables and 
inserting a value for the first time (this didn't cause any problems 
with the Cloudscape library).  If anybody has encountered anything like 
this before then I'd appreciate any assistance - is it a bug or 
something I'm doing wrong on my part?  Is there a workaround?  I 
searched http://issues.apache.org/jira for LinkageError but nothing 
seemed to be directly related.

Thanks in anticipation.

Simon Whittle

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