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From Satheesh Bandaram <sathe...@Sourcery.Org>
Subject Re: Derby Development and IDEs?
Date Thu, 20 Oct 2005 18:49:35 GMT
Check out Derby site at: http://db.apache.org/derby/integrate/misc.html

This also lists a few other GUI tools, like Cloudscape Workbench,
iSQL-Viewer, SQuirreL_SQL.


Michael J. Segel wrote:

>Sorry if this is slightly off topic, but since the individuals on this list 
>are doing actual development with Derby, thought I might be able to get a 
>decent survey on what combinations seem to work best....
>I've been "playing" around with the following java IDEs: NetBeans, Eclipse, 
>and Websphere App Dev (Based on Eclipse).
>Now I realize that choosing an IDE is pretty personal, but I hope we can be 
>honest about what works and what doesn't.
>Now I've used to use Kawa, way back when, so if someone has another 
>recommendation, please feel free to step up.
>NetBeans:  This is an OpenSource IDE that I believe is bundled and 
>downloadable from the Sun Java site. Has a hook to PointBase, didn't see 
>anything to allow Derby or any other database. 
>Positives: Nice look and feel, easy to get around, however, when I want to 
>expand the code window to a full screen for easier editing, not that straight 
>Negatives: No easy way to add in Derby.
>		They lock their generated code sections which makes life a little more 
>difficult.  I'm not really happy with how they auto generate some of their 
>code. Makes things a little difficult to get things done. In some cases, hand 
>written GUI code is still faster to generate.
>Note: A simple example is if you try to generate some code that is similar to 
>the tutorials. Not that easy to do. ( I think one example would be if you 
>wanted to set an action listener for each menu where each menu item would 
>modify a status string.)
>Eclipse 3.1:	This is an opensource Apache project driven IDE. Lots of nice 
>bells and whistles, albeit a little rough around the edges. My Linux version 
>craps out quite a bit, while I haven't pushed the window's version that hard.
>Pluses:	Its free.
>		It allows for visual development of GUI elements.
>		Great RDBMs connectivity. Derby, Informix, DB2... (Ok I'll even mention 
>		Has all the built in features that would allow one to write good code and 
>test against a local database for Unit testing/ Bean Testing.
>		Has the ability to also deal with architecting issues (UML)...
>		Doesn't block you from adding your own code in to the generated code.
>	1) Used primarily on my Linux box. Flakes out and dumps on me a couple times 
>a day. (Could be my set up, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that 
>there's still some gaps.)
>	2) Location of some of the components not in the ideal place. Yet easy to 
>expand the code window. Note you can move some of the components to different 
>views so that take's care of some of the problems.  With WS App Dev sharing 
>some of the same heritage, see my comparison below...
>Websphere AD:	Based on the same technology as Eclipse. Seems to be more 
>stable. (I only have a window's copy.) Easiest to work with. Allowing more 
>freedom in mixing my built gui stuff with their base frames. (This is true of 
>Eclipse.)  I haven't tried importing my Derby stuff to that platform, (next 
>step) but Websphere is Eclipse.
>A good example would be a Mercedes E55 and then a Mercedes E55 AMG (AMG is an 
>aftermarket company that tunes up your Mercedes to a higher performance rig. 
>Adds about 10-20K to the base price of the car, if not more.... ;-)
>Bottom line. I felt that there was enough of a difference to justify the price 
>difference between WS and Eclipse.
>Ok having said all of that, what other tools are out there and what are your 
>opinions of them?
>As a consultant, I'll use what ever gets toss'd at me. However, I'm open to 
>all ideas that make sense.
>Again, while this may be a little off topic, I think it would aid the group in 
>promoting good working enviornments for Derby development.
>I realize that my experiences come from trying to deal with these IDES and get 
>up to speed in a short time. Other's experiences and insights will vary. 
>(Thats why I'm trying to gain a concensus.... ;-)

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