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From "Samer Kanjo" <sa...@kanjo.net>
Subject AntiGC Not Shutting Down
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2005 23:58:49 GMT
I am running Derby server inside my web application which is running in
Tomcat 5. I need to run Derby as a server in order to allow batch processes
and the web application to access the database. What I have discovered is
that shutting down Derby from within my web application does not completely
shutdown Derby, the AntiGC thread continues to run. 


I checked the mailing list archives and found no references to AntiGC. I
then checked the derby bugs list and found bug 23 which indicated a memory
leak and a suggested fix that was applied. However the bug has been
re-opened due to continuing problems. The problems that were identified had
to do with the embedded driver. I wanted to mention that I am having
problems with the server as well. I was previously using and
switched to due to the patch but found that the problem did in fact


When I do shutdown Derby the following 2 threads remain:

Thread [derby.antiGC] (Running)

Thread [derby.rawStoreDaemon] (Running)


When Derby is running I see the following threads:

Thread [derby.NetworkServerStarter] (Running)

Thread [Thread-40] (Running)

Thread [DRDAConnThread_41] (Running)

Thread [derby.antiGC] (Running)

Thread [derby.rawStoreDaemon] (Running)



So far the only consequences of this problem for me are the inability to
remotely shutdown the application and redeploy using the Tomcat Manager.

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