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From "Rajes Akkineni" <rajesh_li...@vimukti.com>
Subject Re: BLOB : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
Date Fri, 02 Sep 2005 05:43:28 GMT

Dose that mean if i have 4 tables with BLOBs it will take up 120mb ~?
I have made a testing program..but as you said  it worked fine.

But in my product the situation is much complex. May be due to that is it  
now taking more memory.
The environment is...
1. Derby is used through as eclipse plugin
2. It is beeing used from two different plugins to create around 20  
3. I have make a static class to do all database operations with  
syncronized methods which are beeing accessed from different diff threads.
4. There are 5 tables with BLOB columns out of which ony one table is  
beeing used.
5. As JXTA is beeing used i think it takes most of the memory. (I dont  
know how to mesure the heap usage)

Here are the my tables and the select query which is giving problem with  
BLOB and later with the data(not able to retrive which i have inserted).

"CREATE TABLE dataQueue(messageId  BIGINT NOT NULL, objectId VARCHAR(100)  
,data BLOB, sentId BIGINT, sequenceNo INTEGER,inoutstate SMALLINT, PRIMARY  

"CREATE TABLE objectQueue(objectId VARCHAR(100), source  
VARCHAR(100),destination VARCHAR(100), priority SMALLINT, type SMALLINT,  
size INTEGER, splitCount INTEGER, date DATE, isGroup SMALLINT,inoutstate  

"CREATE TABLE groups(groupId VARCHAR(100),identityId VARCHAR(100), sentId  

 from dataQueue as dq,objectQueue as oq,groups as g where  
((dq.objectId=oq.objectId) AND ((oq.destination=?) OR (oq.destination  
=g.groupid AND g.identityId=?)) AND ((dq.sentId=0) OR (dq.sentId >  
g.sentId)) AND (oq.inoutstate=0)) ORDER BY  

Is there some thing very stupid thing that i am doing here?

This is my second database dependednt application. So i dont have much  


On Thu, 01 Sep 2005 23:32:40 +0530, Sunitha Kambhampati  
<ksunithaghm@gmail.com> wrote:

> Rajes Akkineni wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have got the similar problem.
>> I was unable to insert bigger files in to the database.
>> But my situation is little different than this. I am not inserting  
>> total  40mb file in one blob.
>> I have split them in to 64kb chunks and inserting in multiple rows.
>> I got outofmemory error.
> Are you using embedded driver or the network client driver ?  I think  
> the issue discussed in this earlier thread is referring to the client  
> driver. ( -DERBY-326).  But if you are  noticing the  problem with  
> embedded,  it would be great if you could post a reproduction program,  
> so we can take a look.
> I have tested inserting 1000 rows of 64kb blobs on my T40 laptop and it  
> works ok both with default jvm heap size and also with restricting the  
> jvm max heap size to 40mb. Note by default , for a table containing blob  
> column, page size is 32k and page cache is 1000 pages, so the pagecache  
> would take about 32mb of memory.
>> Now i seem to have another issue with the DERBY.
>> when i am Inserting, Select data using prepared statements(they are  
>> all  created once, and used from different different threads later)  
>> some time i  am not able to get the data which i have inserted. i  
>> checked the insert  operation. it is successfull but later when i query  
>> from different thread  it is not showing any rows in the table.
> Are you running with autocommit off,  if so  might be good to check if a  
> commit was given after the insert or not.
> Sunitha.

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