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From Stanley Bradbury <Stan.Bradb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Zip Distribution.
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2005 22:54:46 GMT
Juan Ignacio Villa wrote:

>I have to distribute an DB (and actualization or
>deinstallation). I have the problem than i cant delete
>other files that i had installed.
>I have proven to compress the directories of the data
>base in zip and to thus accede to the data base. But
>the data stored in the cache was not readen.
>Driver: org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver
>I need group the files of the DB in order to erase and
>actualize versions withot danger of erase files that
>an crazy user can laid in.
>¿there is an log of the files created by derby?
>¿Can be grouped/compressed?
>Very Thanks
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Hi Juan -
I am not clear on what your needs are, there seems to be a couple of 
issues and I will need more information to make a helpful response.  Can 
you respond to the following?:

a) what do you mean by: "  ...distribute an DB (and actualization or 
deinstallation)".  You can copy the database directory tree to any new 
location.  The system needs to be shutdown when the copy is made.

b) In regards to:"i cant delete other files"  what are the names of the 
files you are attempting to delete? - how are you attempting the delete? 
and what is the error/messages returned by the attempt?  Is the database 
shutdown when the delete is attempted?

c) In regards to "But the data stored in the cache was not readen."  
derby provides no way to monitor the cache - how were you determining 
what happened to the cache?  If by 'readen' you mean 'written' (that is: 
saved to disk) you will need to unjar the database first.  When placed 
in a jarfile the database is read-only so you will not be able to write 
to the database.  The database files will need to be unjarred to create 
a full read-write system.
d) In regards to: "¿there is an log of the files created by derby?" No, 
there is not list of filenames that are created by Derby.  All the files 
contained in the database directory tree are what is created - for more 
info see the FAQ: section "What are the basic components of a 
Derby/Cloudscape deployment?"

e) In regards to: "¿Can be grouped/compressed?" Derby can access a 
database stored in a jarfile - such a database is read-only until it is 

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