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From Tony Seebregts <to...@cibecs.com>
Subject Re: JDBC and WHERE IN clauses
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2005 06:28:29 GMT
Hi Satheesh/Mike/Rick,

Thanks for the suggestions... was hoping there was a neater way that 
would be usable with the DAO tool we're using but I guess we'll go with 
generating the SQL statement on the fly. The temporary table idea is 
neat and would work ... but the overhead is probably not justified for 
what we want to do.

Interestingly the SQL error that is for a statement.setParameter (...) 
call for the IN (?) clause is actually thrown by the driver, so it might 
be something that could be implemented in a future release of Derby. 
Nothing in the JDBC API seems to preclude it so ...


Tony Seebregts

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