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From Suresh Thalamati <suresh.thalam...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: 'Invalid checksum on Page' error
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 01:45:05 GMT

I also looked at the page dump, could not find any clues on what is 
possibly making the checksum failure occurs on this page.

1) Recalculated the checksum on the page, same mismatch.
2) Last slot seems to be referring to valid portion of the page.
Last Slot on the page:
slot 59 offset 25845  recordlen 438 (438,0)recordHeader: Id=65
   isDeleted     = false
   hasOverflow   = false
   hasFirstField = false
   numberFields  = 3
   firstField    = 0
   overflowPage  = 0
   overflowId    = 0
	Field 0: offset=25845 len=4 Nullable
	Field 1: offset=25855 len=12 Nullable
	Field 2: offset=25869 len=411 Nullable

Hex dump on the page related to this slot:

00007e80: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000  ................
00007e90: 64f5 01b6 0000 633f 01b6 0000 618a 01b5  d..?..c..?..a?.?

64f5 = 25845 ; there does not be any entries on the slot table after 
that one.

3) No of slots on the slot table by looking at the hex dump and the no 
  of slots in the header is matching.

Page Header :
page id null Overflow: false PageVersion: 61 SlotsInUse: 60 
DeletedRowCount: 0 PageStatus: 1 NextId: 66 firstFreeByte: 26283 
freeSpace: 6117 totalSpace: 32700 spareSpace: 0 PageSize: 32768

Attaching the complete slot table info I printed from the hex dump.


Mike Matrigali wrote:
> suresh or anyone else, could you take a look at the page dump and
> see if I am missing anything?
> Mike Matrigali wrote:
>>thanks for the more info.  Definitely interested if you can reproduce
>>on different device.  I did a quick look at the page dump and on the
>>surface nothing jumped out, the ascii dump of the data looks reasonable,
>>there is a set of 0's in the middle as expected with a set of what looks
>>like a reasonable page offset table at the end, the last page offset
>>points at what looks like the last record.  Next step is to decode
>>the actual values in stuff like the page hdrs, see if the zero's in the
>>middle are right or if there is missing data pointed to by the offset
>>Some more questions:
>>o what kind of device was this error on (ie. IDE, SCSI, flash card, ...)
>>o were you setting any non-default derby properties?
>>o was this database encrypted?
>>o When you were loading the db was there any crash encountered?
>>When you try to reproduce could you set the following property so that
>>derby.log will have a complete record of any errors, by default it gets
>>overwritten every time:
>>If the data in your db is not sensitive would you be willing to provide
>>it.  I realize it is probably very big, so I am not sure the best way.
>>Derby db's do tend to compress well using standard zip.
>>SBarboza@ILSTechnology.com wrote:
>>>The error is always on the same page ( 10031 ).
>>>I ran the SYSCS_CHECK_TABLE command and I get the same error displayed
>>>about the page checksum error
>>>that is listed in the derby.log.
>>>I took a look at the OS logs but there was nothing that would indicate a IO
>>>I am attaching the derby.log file.
>>>(See attached file: derby.log)

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