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From Juan Ignacio Villa <ji_vi...@yahoo.es>
Subject Re: Zip Distribution.
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2005 09:33:20 GMT

C.- In the prove i erase the directories "log" and
"tmp", and sometimes the files "db.lck" and
"vssver.scc" too.

B.- Users can be telled for not store anything in
derby directories. Trully would choose another
location. But we want not to be this posibility. O
that an user can erase 2 or 3 files and damage the DB
without erase totally. The user will call us for it,
and we not understhood it.
Whith a lot of users is better an only file for all

¿If i make an new version is better erase all data
bases and copy the new or copy only changes?
I think that copy only changes is dangerous.


Juan Ignacio Villa wrote:
> ... 
> B.- There is an moral problem. 
> I can delete all the data base, but if an user laid
> archive into the directories of derby and we erase
> it... I work for the goverment and the application
> will be used for millons. We want minimize problems.
> We think that if the DB would be compressed in only
> one file (.jar .zip .tar ...) the problem
> ¿There is another form?

By "delete all the data base", I assume you mean
delete the directory 
that was created when the database was created with
the "create=true" 
flag. For example, given this connection URL:

   connect 'jdbc:derby:test;create=true'

Derby creates a "test" directory with all the Derby
database files. 
Deleting the database is as simple as removing that
"test" directory.

Could you tell users to not store their own files
under the Derby 
database directory? that it is only intended for use
by the Derby 
datbase itself? Instead they should choose another

> ... 
> C.- I tell you the prove we made to cache:
> We insert data into DB. Then we erase cache files.
> DB don't have the inserted data.

When you say that you erase the cache files, which
specific files are 
you removing?

> ... 
> Oh, sorry for my english. :)

Please don't worry -- it might just mean that we need
to ask more 
questions to make sure we understand what you mean.



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