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From Wei Jiang <_weijia...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Momory leak in JDBC driver?
Date Sun, 04 Sep 2005 23:35:31 GMT
Hi Stanley,

Yes, I got "out of memory" error from my program (client program which 
uses Derby's jdbc driver). 
No such error from Derby itself.

My program can work with different databases, so I switched to Oracle 
(by changeing parameters using oracle's jdbc driver talking to oracle 
database, my program does not change). Then there is no such error.

I used jbuilder to detect memory leak and found there a lot of objects
of LinkedList make memory grow. I did not see such objects when I use
oracle's jdbc driver to talk to oracle database.

I have a nother comment here, please forwad it to the right person:
The Derby's mailing list is very inconvenient for my: I can not reply to
a post from viewing the archive.

Derby' mailing list requires a registered email address (some others mailing
lists do as well). I had to give an email address. So I use a never-read
email address. That email address gets many many emails. I do not read that
email box. When I need to read the archive, I have to copy and paste, then...
to reply an email. I hope the mailing archive will be more user friendly.
I also hope the new feature (if any) will not requier me to install or use
other software. I have Derby's issue from time to time, not every day. Thanks.


Subject: Re: Momory leak in JDBC driver?
Date: Sun, 04 Sep 2005 17:12:20 GMT
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Hi Wei Jiang -
Are you encountering Out Of Memory Exceptions?  How much physical memory 
is on your test machine and how large is the heap getting? 

I've worked with Cloudscape / Derby for four years and have not seen a 
memory leak in the JDBC driver, of course, it's always possible that new 
bugs are introduced with new releases.  We'd like to investigate the 
problem.  Please post a description of your observations along with your 
test case here and we'll take a look at the problem.

Wei Jiang wrote:

>I tried Derby using the default JDBC driver and found memory leak. When I use
>Hsql or Oracle, I do not have such leak. So probably it is the JDBC driver.

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