Kathey Marsden wrote:
Philip Wilder wrote:


I'll take what I can get. :-) 

Hmmm.. found this sitting in my drafts folder. Don't know if it is of
any help at this late date.

I don't  think we have a list on the website.  It would be nice.  In
addition to those you have mentioned,
a few specs of interest off the top of my  head...

    - The Java Transaction API (JTA) Specification from Sun
     - XA+ Specification which lives on the same page as the protocol 
specifications at: http://www.opengroup.org/dbiop/
    - JSR169 from Sun  (10.1 only)
    -The Java Virtual Machine Specification from Sun  (relevant to byte
code generation)

FYI: For the SQL Specs, I think you need $$ to get the official copies.
yes that is true you have to pay for the SQL standard specs