what is the eclipse plugin used for?

Piet Blok <pbhome@wanadoo.nl> wrote:
I noticed some different behaviour between Derby EmbeddedDriver and ClientDriver. This was a disappointment, because I wanted to develop a Derby application that may switch between the two drivers.
Differences I noticed are:
1) EmbeddedDriver accepts and uses a Properties object as the second parameter on the connect method. ClientDriver accepts, but does NOT USE the Properties object. A bug?
2) When an attempt is made to connect to a non-existing database (no attribute create=true) EmbeddedDerby throws an SQLException with SQLState "XJ004", ClientDriver "08004" (connection refused with additional text database does not exist). A bug?
3) ResultSet behaviour: When I execute, in this order, ResultSet.getMetaData(), then execute ResultSet. next() until it returns false, and then again execute ResultSet.getMetaData(), EmbeddedDriver does as requested, however, ClientDriver throws an SQLException at the last getMetaData() saying that the ResultSet has been closed. A bug or should this be expected?
 (The reason for this strange sequence is the following: I wanted to create a JTable as follows: new JTable(createColumnData(resultset), createHeaderData(resultset)). Apparently this was processed by java from left to right. For EmbeddedDriver no problem.)
I prepared a small (175 lines) piece of java code that demonstrates all three differences. If you wish I can send it.
(I use the official release of derby:, JRE 1.5.0_04, and use Eclipse 3.1 to compile my classes. I have all the derby jar files in the EXT directory of the JRE)
A question about the Eclipse plugins: I read the warning that these plugins can only be used in Eclipse 3.1 up to Milestone 6. Is there any chance that in the near future an official release of these plugins will be available for the official Eclipse 3.1 release? Yes, I also read the prescriptions on how to alter the plugins so they can be used with the official release but, having no experience at all with SubVersion, Ant, Plugin development and whatever needed to perform this alteration other than things working out opposite as expected, I decided to live without the plugin and wait.
Piet Blok

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