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From "Rajes Akkineni" <rajesh_li...@vimukti.com>
Subject Re: BLOB : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 04:03:12 GMT

I have got the similar problem.
I was unable to insert bigger files in to the database.
But my situation is little different than this. I am not inserting total  
40mb file in one blob.
I have split them in to 64kb chunks and inserting in multiple rows.

I got outofmemory error.
Then i switched to writing storing that blob in a file.

We will also be must interested in solving this problem.

Now i seem to have another issue with the DERBY.
when i am Inserting, Select data using prepared statements(they are all  
created once, and used from different different threads later) some time i  
am not able to get the data which i have inserted. i checked the insert  
operation. it is successfull but later when i query from different thread  
it is not showing any rows in the table.

Did any one experianced this problem.
We are a team of programmers with 2  years of programming experiance. We  
are not sure if we can fix the problem in the derby. Please suggest us  
what to do.
This problem is stopping our project. We dont have any alternative to  
derby at present(due to the work done, platform,licence). Should we try to  
fix the problem in the derby?
We are trying to write a program to simulate this bug.
prepared statements are beeing used from threads created by JXTA. We are  
not aware if there can be anything specific to those threads.


On Wed, 31 Aug 2005 21:19:42 +0530, Satheesh Bandaram  
<satheesh@Sourcery.Org> wrote:

> Thanks for the offer.. It would really be great to have more developpers  
> working
> on Derby. Join the derby-dev alias to participate in the development.
> Derby embedded driver already has the capability to stream blob/clob,  
> without
> requiring reading them completely into memory. It would be great to  
> enhance
> Derby network server and Derby client to support this kind of behavior.
> Satheesh
> Grégoire Dubois wrote:
> Thank you for your answer.
> Can I propose my services for this developpement? Being able to write
> big BLOBs in the Derby through the JDBC driver is a very very important
> behavior for me.
> As Derby supports BLOBs with a capacity of max 2Gb, and knowing that
> almost nobody has got a computer with more than 2Gb RAM, is there an
> other way to write big BLOBs in the Derby ?
> Thank you very much.
> Grégoire.
> Le mercredi 31 août 2005 à 07:23 -0700, Kathey Marsden a écrit :
> Grégoire Dubois wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm using the org.apache.derby.jdbc.ClientDriver driver to access the
> Derby database through network.
> Writting small files (smaller than 5Mo) into the database works fine,
> but I can't write big files (40Mo for example), without getting the
> exception java.lang.OutOfMemoryError.
> I think the driver is writting all the file into memory before sending
> it to the database. Is that a known issue? Is there a plan to improve
> this?
> This is DERBY-326.  There  is not currently a developer assigned to this
> issue.  Right now you would just have to increase the maximum heap size
> of the jvm with    -Xmx<size>
> Right now this is logged as an improvement but perhaps it would make
> sense for you to log a Bug for your specific case and OutOfMemory error
> and link it to this isssue.  Then vote in Jira to have it fixed.
> Kathey

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