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From Kostas Karadamoglou <karadamoglo...@yahoo.gr>
Subject Re: Simple question about Derby and Transactions
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2005 10:41:47 GMT
Can I set the isolation level using JDBC?

How can I do it?

Oyvind.Bakksjo@Sun.COM wrote:
> Kostas Karadamoglou wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am new to Derby and to Transactions in general.
>> I want to perform some tasks to my databases using one thread and lock 
>> the table that it uses from the remaining threads.
> You may achieve what you want by proper usage of transaction isolation 
> levels, instead of explicitly locking an entire table. This, of course, 
> depends on what your application is trying to do. Anyway, if you are 
> planning to read some literature on transactions, "isolation levels" 
> should be on your menu.

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