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From Kostas Karadamoglou <karadamoglo...@yahoo.gr>
Subject Design problem About application related with cached rows
Date Sat, 13 Aug 2005 17:39:04 GMT
Hello again!

I try to create an application for my dissertation that caches rows from 
an romote database. The application handles a cache database which is 
identical with the original. The only difference is that it does not 
have autogenerated fields and referential integrity is omitted.

I have designed a caching algorithm specific to the context of my 
applocation. However, I have a problem that I cannot solve it:

I want to send a query to the remote database and then store the result 
to the cache instance. The cache database might have rows that can be 
duplicate with some rows of the resultset retrieved from the query.

The easy solution is to insert all the rows of the resultset one by one 
after I check their existence at the cache table. However, this solution 
impose network latency to the network because useless data is moved on 
the net.

Do you know any efficient way to fetch the exception (the rows that dont 
exist at the cache instance) of rows from the remote database using sql 

I tried to use the following kind of query but the database returns an 
overflow message if the query string is too long.

SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CustomerID NOT IN (01,02, 03, ...);

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