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From Scotty Allen <li...@scottyallen.com>
Subject Occaisonal rollback on reboot
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 15:18:24 GMT
Hi all,

We've been having some problems with occasional rollbacks of an embedded
database when the application is shutdown and restarted.  The pattern
seems to be that you shut down our application, and then restart it, and
the database is in the same state it was the time before last that you
started it up.  In other words, the whole last session seems to have
been lost.

The main machine I've been seeing it on is a Mac OS X machine running
tiger 10.4, with java 1.4.2.  We're running Derby, with
derby.storage.fileSyncTransactionLog set to true.  However, we think we
may have seen this problem on a Win XP machine as well.

Has anyone seen anything like this?  Any thoughts about how to
troubleshoot?  I just found derby.infolog.append tonight, so I'll start
using that and see if I can see anything funky in the logs when it
happens (I haven't seen anything yet, but haven't always checked the log
prior to starting up, to know if the shutdown the last time was clean).

This whole problem feels very much like a transaction log is not getting
committed and then is getting lost, or something of that nature.  Should
we be doing anything special on system shutdown, to make sure everything
gets synced properly?



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