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From Brian Bonner <brian.bon...@paraware.com>
Subject Inserting a new line (\n) via sql script into Derby
Date Mon, 29 Aug 2005 21:47:10 GMT
How do I insert a string with a linefeed into derby via an SQL script 
with ij?

The string literal that java would insert would look like this:  

I need to insert it via an SQL script.  I've tried using unicode \u000A 
and \n and neither will work.
i.e.  insert into test (id, test) values (1, 'line1\u000Aline2');  (or 
line1\nline2 respectively)

When I select the contents, I get the line1\u000Aline2  or line1\nline2 
back out and not the line feed I was expecting (ok, hoping) to see:



Is this possible?


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