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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject derby-user is a flame free zone
Date Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:08:21 GMT
In another derby-user thread a poster wrote:
> This post may require the readers donning flame retardant clothing. ;-)

I'd like to make something clear for the list as a whole.

Apache is strong on building community and flames work directly against 
that. For starters see 
http://www.apache.org/foundation/faq.html#what-is-apache-NOT-about .

Apache is discussing ways to make the community even more welcoming. For 
the start of just one of the more recent threads see:


If you are composing a post that you feel requires a flame warning, I 
suggest stepping back, reconsidering it, and seeing where it needs to be 
toned back.

Any Derby user should feel free to post to this list without concern 
that you'll be flamed. If you do get flamed, someone will likely jump in 
and douse those flames. And if a negative interaction slips through the 
cracks, I invite you to please send me email. I don't want a negative 
interaction on this list getting in the way of your successfully using 

derby-user is a flame free zone -- let's all work together to keep it 
that way.


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