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From Brian Bonner <brian.bon...@paraware.com>
Subject CLOBs (again)
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 20:21:13 GMT
Hi again.  Here's what I did:

I create a table in derby via the eclipse plugin.

connect 'jdbc:derby:clobtest;create=true';
create table clobber(id int primary key, content clob(100 K));

insert into clobber values 
with 594 characters in the string.

but when I do:

select * from clobber;


I only get 128 characters of the clob back.

If I change the content field to be a long varchar and run the same 
thing again, I get the same results from IJ, but if I use a different 
tool, (Data Explorer in Eclipse for instance), I get all of the data 
back from the long varchar table, but still only 128 characters in the 
clob side.

Maybe this is just the limitation of how the clob behaves in both 
tools.  I was expecting to see all of the data in both cases.

Any thoughts on this?



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