The new squirrel-sql.jar file that should be used instead of the current one with the SQuirreL-SQL Client version of 2.0rc1 can be downloaded from here:
Please see this thread from the squirrel users mailing list for complete details of the

Xavier Vigouroux <Xavier-Francois.Vigouroux@Sun.COM> wrote:

Le 7 juil. 05, à 23:00, Susan Cline a écrit :

> Hi Xavier,
> I've been reading the squirrel-users mailing list.  It sounds like you
> received a new squirrel-sql.jar file that resolved this problem, is
> that correct?
> Today I downloaded the same squirrel-sql.jar file you did and I could
> not replicate the problem you experienced.  If you can confirm this,
> I'll post a follow up message where derby users can download the new
> squirrel-sql.jar file that works with Squirrel 2.0 rc1.


I confirm that the new jar file solves this problem. I use it for
several days now.


> Thanks,
> Susan
> Xavier Vigouroux wrote:
>> hi,
>> first hello to everybody on this mailing list.
>> Is somebody using the 2.0rc of squirrel-sql
>> (
>> It relies on JDBC to get information from DB. unfortunately, I always
>> have an error when querying info from my DB
>> ( invalid operation: result
>> set
>> closed)
>> Do one of you has the same problem?