Hi Kai,
Starting with version 3.1M6 of Eclipse a class that was used by the Derby UI plug-in is
no longer available and has been replaced by another Eclipse class.
4 files in the Derby plug-in referred to the class org.eclipse.jdt.internal.launching.JavaLocalApplicationLaunchConfigurationDelegate
the replacement class is:
Tony's solution means if you are using the Derby UI plug-in with Eclipse 3.1M6 or higher you'll need to edit these 4 files which are part of the Derby UI plug-in:
to use the new Eclipse class, org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JavaLaunchDelegate.
So for instance, looking at the SysInfoDerbyLaunchConfigurationDelegate
file, the fix is this:
package org.apache.derby.ui.launch;
//import org.eclipse.jdt.internal.launching.JavaLocalApplicationLaunchConfigurationDelegate;
import org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JavaLaunchDelegate

public class SysInfoDerbyLaunchConfigurationDelegate extends
  //JavaLocalApplicationLaunchConfigurationDelegate {
  JavaLaunchDelegate {
For the other three files make the same change - comment out the deprecated class,
JavaLocalApplicationLaunchConfigurationDelegate, and use the new one, JavaLaunchDelegate instead.
Does that make sense?
Also, either today or tomorrow I'll ask that a couple of web pages be updated to make it clear that the existing 1.0 UI plug-in needs to be used with Eclipse 3.0.x through Eclipse 3.1M5, but
does not support 3.1M6 or higher, unless you want to manually edit the source for use with

Kai-Uwe Beyer <ksi@ksile.de> wrote:
Hi Susan,

i've also this problem with the eclipse version 3.1M7.
I don't understand the solution from Tony.


Susan Cline wrote:
> Thanks for the info Tony.
> Susan
> */Tony Kennedy
> /* wrote:
> The Replacement class is:
> public class IJDerbyLaunchConfigurationDelegate extends
> // JavaLocalApplicationLaunchConfigurationDelegate
> org.eclipse.jdt.launching.JavaLaunchDelegate
> {
> }
> Tony Kennedy