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From Army <qoz...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: derby query
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 00:50:12 GMT

Wolverine wrote:
> i m using cloudscape 10.0.1 on linux redhat 9. with unixODBC
> apache n php
> i have created a table and in mytest.php m displaying the contents of the table.
> i have successfully done it but if i go on refreshing the page several
> times sometimes it gives the following error and again on the next
> attempt it runs well. then again after sometime it gives the error
> again. is there something wrong with my installation
> Warning: SQL error: [unixODBC][IBM][CLI Driver] SQL0902C A system
> error (reason code = "") occurred. Subsequent SQL statements cannot be
> processed. SQLSTATE=58005 , SQL state 58005 in SQLConnect in
> mytest.php on line 5

This sounds like it could be related to some protocol chaining issues that 
existed in early 10.0.1 releases but were fixed in 10.0.2.  The JIRA issue for 
this was DERBY-35 and the fix was checked into 10.0.2 codeline back in October 
of last year.

If you can run:

java org.apache.derby.tools.sysinfo

and post the output here, that would allow us to check whether or not the jars 
you have include the fix for the problem.  I'm guessing they don't since, as I 
said, the fix didn't go in until 10.0.2, but it wouldn't hurt to see your 
sysinfo, just in case.

If this is a result of the problem that was fixed in DERBY-35, then I guess your 
best option would be to get a more recent set of jars--there are three sets of 
"snapshot" jars for 10.0.2 available from the Derby download site 
(http://incubator.apache.org/derby/derby_downloads.html), so you could just grab 
one of those and see if the problem goes away.

If you get the 10.0.2 jars and still see the problem, then please post again and 
we can look at this more closely.

Hope that helps,

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