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From Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter <edson.rich...@mgrinformatica.com.br>
Subject Error 25502 during update (was Re: Error messages)
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2005 19:42:53 GMT
Currently, I'm getting error "ERROR 25502-..." stating I can issue 
update command because database, connection or user is read only.
But I'm getting the connection same way I issue for every operation, and 
don't know why it's saying "readonly". I suspect the real problem is 
because I'm trying to update a column that has a reference to another 
table, and the constraint is ON UPDATE NO ACTION.

Could be this possible? May be the pt_BR message is wrong for this error 

Thanks for any clarifications,

Edson Richter

Jeff Levitt escreveu:

>--- Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter
><edson.richter@mgrinformatica.com.br> wrote:
>>I've found on reference manual only partial
>>description of error 
>>messages (and probable cause).
>>Where can I find a complete list?
>>Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter
>>MGR Informática Ltda.
>>Fones: 3347-0446 / 9259-2993
>Hi Edson,
>Derby issue 296
>attempts to document all of the messages in Derby, and
>is currently finishing up a final review before it
>gets committed to the actual docs.  In the future, if
>you want more detail in the documentation of the error
>messages than what the message text currently
>provides, we will be able to provide more detail than
>what is currently there.

Edson Carlos Ericksson Richter
MGR Informática Ltda.
Fones: 3347-0446 / 9259-2993

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