Hi Jeremy,
I didn't understand your note about SQL Server 2000's SCOPE_IDENTITY() function. Can you elaborate on it a little? In the mean time, I will update the Derby-287 documentation bug (Return value of IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL for different connections is not related) with the Derby's behavior in case of triggers.

On 5/14/05, Jeremy Boynes <jboynes@apache.org> wrote:
Mamta Satoor wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
>  I tried a simple test to see what happens in the case you brought up. The
> value retruned by IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL is from the statement's table (and not
> from the table which got modified by the trigger).


As a cross-reference, this the behaviour of MS SQL Server 2000's
SCOPE_IDENTITY() function and not the older @@IDENTITY one.