Hi Paul,
org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.jdbcap.autoGeneratedJdbc30.java class has a test (search for Test 6 in that class) and you will see that there is a positive test for PreparedStatement.getGeneratedKeys. Note that there is Statement.RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS passed to the Connection.prepareStatement. If you already do this and still get null from getGeneratedKeys for a single-row insert into a table with autogenerated key, then I will be curious into looking at the reproducible test case.

On 5/13/05, Paul J. Lucas <pauljlucas@mac.com> wrote:
       I noticed that PreparedStatement has a getGeneratedKeys()
       method.  I assume it's an alternate means of getting generated
       key values that IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL() would get.  So I tried it.
       However, getGeneratedKeys() returns null.  I tried called
       prepareStatement() with a second argument of an int[], but it
       says "not implemented."

       So is getGeneratedKeys() supposed to work?  Or must I use

       - Paul