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From zentol <zen...@yandex.ru>
Subject derby+odbc problem
Date Thu, 19 May 2005 15:28:04 GMT
Hello derby-user,


first of all sorry for my english

Derby network server should runtime starts/stops and works with databases lying in different

I start the first DB so:
String DBURL="jdbc:derby:directory:D:/Projects/warehouse/problem;create=true;"
   Properties properties = new java.util.Properties();

 conn =  (Connection) DriverManager.getConnection(DBURL, properties);

And the second one:
String DBURL="jdbc:derby:directory:isOK;create=true;"

The problem is:
when i am trying to connect to DB 'isOK' via ODBC (for example - test connection in windows
ODBC-manager) all is OK. But when to DB 'problem', specifying DatabaseName='problem' i get
the following error in ODBC-manager:
SQL30061N       The database alias or database name "PROBLEM     " was not found at the remote

It seems that derby can't find DB locating in non derby.system.home location.

If I specify derby.system.home=D:/Projects/warehouse when starting up NS, connection test
passed in ODBC-manager. But i can't restart NS all the time when i need to start another DB,
furthermore there can be two working DBs in different directories.

Thanks for any help! 

Best regards,
 zentol                          mailto:zentol@yandex.ru

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