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From Sergey Kochetov <sko...@online.stack.net>
Subject Re: feedback on derby
Date Sat, 09 Apr 2005 10:48:42 GMT
Hello All and Luke Vanderfluit separately :)

I have been into Derby only a half of year, but I fell in love to it.
It performs stable and fast in my apps in embedded mode. I have no
real questions to post, because of good docs, mans, faqs, mail
archives and, of couse, a good friendly community :)
I have been working with Informix, Oracle, MS-SQL, MySql etc. for many
many years. Derby can not substitute them at all, but it is a real
cool thing! And I believe it will be better and better.

Luke, you should be more tolerant, sticker and assiduous :/
Learn java api, jdbc and sql first, read derby mans second

Saturday, April 9, 2005, 4:18:20 AM, you wrote:

egc> Hi,

egc> I've tried using derby but I'm constantly running into problems. I
egc> think mostly they are related to the JVM with embedding of derby.

egc> I don't have enough skills to be a derby developer, and I'm caught
egc> short on many issues relating to how to run derby.

egc> The documentation is still too premature for me.
egc> I can't find what I need when I need it. The documentation is
egc> frequently referring to its other parts and those parts refer back, so
egc> sometimes there is no clear explanation of what is going.

egc> For example, I wanted to put the 'derby.properties' file somewhere.
:) ha-ha
egc> But where do you put it in order for it go get picked up.
egc> Another example, I wanted to determine the 'derby.system.home'
egc> property while using connection pooling, but the several scenarios I
egc> tried didn't work (mainly placing it in the 'context.xml' file but
egc> also in program code).

egc> all in all, I'm not ready for derby yet.
egc> I'm a bit disappointed, because I usually don't give up on something
egc> like this. E.g. I've used mckoi and got it working satisfactorily.

egc> So I'm giving derby the flick.

egc> Good luck with development, I'll be back from time to time to check it out.

egc> not happy,
egc> regards,

egc> Luke Vanderfluit

Best regards,
 Sergey Kochetov                            mailto:skotch@online.stack.net

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