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From Sergey Kochetov <sko...@online.stack.net>
Subject Re[2]: Memory-only mode and transactions/locking
Date Wed, 13 Apr 2005 16:12:22 GMT
Hello Kevin Foster,

Wednesday, April 13, 2005, 7:48:38 PM, you wrote:

KF> Elissa Newman wrote:
 >> Does Derby have a mode such that it runs in memory only? I am working on
 >> a project that needs the database to run in memory and not go to the
 >> disk at all (the amount of memory we have for our system should suffice
 >> for the database size we will have). I reviewed the available
 >> documentation and did not see a setting for something like this.

KF> Has anyone tried Derby on a RAM Disk? Here's an example (Google search on
KF> "ramdisk"):

KF> 	http://www.superspeed.com/ramdisk.html

KF> It obviously wouldn't be a safe place to keep data in case of machine
KF> failure, but if safety isn't a requirement, then I would guess that
KF> performance would improve accordingly. Maybe not to the theoretical maximum
KF> speed possible without logging, but memory is a lot faster than a physical
KF> disk would be.

KF> -Kevin


Best regards,
 Sergey Kochetov                            mailto:skotch@online.stack.net

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