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From Andrew Shuttlewood <andrew.shuttlew...@futureroute.co.uk>
Subject Server questions
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 09:07:21 GMT
At the moment we are using Derby in a purely embedded way, and it's
working very well for us. We wish to begin to use it as a network server
as well as an embedded one, so I have a few questions which I can't
quite discern from the documentation.

Firstly, is it possible to authenticate server connections differently
from embedded connections? I wish embedded connections to have
substantially more rights than the network connections, and be able to
deny access to databases and restrict to read-only rights to the

I am willing to modify the code if necessary, but obviously this creates
significant complexity if I do have to do it.

Secondly, we would like to ship the db2 jars for derby access along with
our (commercial) application. Is this permitted by the license agreement
- or do we have to seek a special license with IBM?

I am not against writing my own code or modifying derby as is necessary,
but equally, I would rather not as it creates a maintenance burden to

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