Unfortunately there is not a way to use this as a separate plug-in.  It does include the entire Eclipse installation.  A few users have tried to separate out only those plug-ins actually associated with the functionality, but they have had mixed degrees of success.
See the IBM forum post related to the DB2 plug-ins for Eclipse:
Although the Apache Derby core plug-in and the IBM Integration plug-in for Derby
do not have the same browsing capability of the DB2 plug-ins for Eclipse, they do
provide the Derby tools for use within Eclipse, and they are true Eclipse plug-ins.
If you don't know about them, you need to download the Apache Derby core plug-in
from the Derby downloads page, and the Integration plug-in for Derby here:

Anthony Karsten <AKarsten@ISDCorporation.com> wrote:

Is there any way to get this plugin as an actual plugin instead of a complete Eclipse install?  I would really just like to add this functionality to my current Eclipse install instead of replace it…I thought this is what “plugin” means.

Thanks for your help.


Tony Karsten