Thank you for the pointer Stanley, I should ofcourse have looked there in the first place. I read it now and I think it does not look too complicated.
Piet Blok
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Hi -
See the section "How do I perform date arithmetic in Derby/Cloudscape?"  in the FAQ document at:

Once an addMonth function is created and defined in the DB as described in the FAQ it can be referenced in a column default.

Piet Blok wrote:
Since I am not an expert on databases I am just experimenting a bit in which Derby comes in very handy.
I am trying to create a table and set a default value for one of the columns that should be one month from now, like this:


This is not accepted. I got the idea from a site on DB2 (I hoped DB2 and Derby share the same features)
Is there any other way to default to a month from now?
Piet Blok