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From Christian Rodriguez <crodrig...@gmail.com>
Subject Importing data from MySQL
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 22:43:56 GMT
Hello everyone,

I am trying to import data from a MySQL database. So far I havent been
able to do it.

What I have tried:

1. Ive used the mysql dump utility to generate a file with inserts and
then try to run that file from ij. One of my tables contain a large
"text" object and the inserts fail, probably because of quote or
double quote characters.

2. Ive written a basic java program that uses jdbc to connect to MySQL
and the Derby database and tries to import the data. The program fails
with an out of error message when trying to import that problematic
table that contains large character objects.

3. Ive tried to use db2db migration tool. It fails with the same
error: out of memory.

So, has anyone been able to do this kind of thing? What do you
recommend? Any hints, help, suggestions?


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