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From Manoj Koshy <koshy.ma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Derby Clarifications
Date Fri, 11 Mar 2005 17:47:09 GMT
Hi Mamta,

Thanks for the reply,Sorry for the question being so general.

The connection url is of format at create time for an embedded database


This is working very well and no hitches

I can startup the above encrypted database with 

This works fine as long as dbName is a hardcoded path like C:\test\testDB

I tried a combination of relative urls to the database and cannot
connect.JRE is installed under C:\test\JRE so by right I should be
able to connect if
dbName = ../testDB .This or other combinations dont work

Can I replace C:\test\testDB with  with some thing like

Problem 3

I can run Derby in a server mode allowing muliple connections to it.
So if I create a non encrypted database in server mode providing my ip
and start it
then I can run it without hitches.

But whenever I create a database in server mode using the additional parameter
of bootPassword. It fails complaining that the parameter for
bootPassword is incorrect.

Hope I am clearer in depicting my problem now. Thanks in advance for any help


On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 07:38:45 -0800, Mamta Satoor <msatoor@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Manoj,
> Can you clarify the terminology for few things in your question? for
> eg, I don't know what you mean by you have created a server. Also,
> what is the exact jdbc url that you are using to connect to Derby?
> Derby can be run in 2 modes. One is embedded mode and the other is
> Network Server mode. In Network Server mode, multiple clients can
> connect to Derby.
> When using Derby in embedded mode, host and port numbers are not valid
> attributes on the url.
> Also, before the bootPassword, you need to have a ; in your url.
> Sorry couldn't help you more but if you can provide some more info
> about your questions, maybe someone can help more,
> Mamta
> On Fri, 11 Mar 2005 22:22:43 +0800, Manoj Koshy <koshy.manoj@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have been testing an embedded product
> > with derby .Am impressed with the memory footprint.
> >
> > Some clarifications.
> >
> > I have created a server and a a database say test in encrypted format.
> >
> > Can I connect to the database through the server ?
> >
> > I cannot use the bootPassword parameter in this case in addition to
> > the other attributes when I connect from a java application.
> >
> > what is the right format of usage.
> >
> > Additionally can I connect to an embedded database using either
> > of  localhost:port format or
> > as a relative url
> >
> > In my case I package the database as an application together with an instance
> > of JRE and tomcat.
> >
> > All help would be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks in advance
> > --
> > Manoj Joseph Koshy
> > 240 Lorong Chuan,#03-03,
> > Chuan Park,
> > Singapore
> >

Manoj Joseph Koshy
240 Lorong Chuan,#03-03,
Chuan Park,

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