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From Susan Cline <home4...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Derby logo contest -- retry
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:08:17 GMT
I like this suggestion, it will give folks a chance to get their second wind before resubmitting.
As an aside, it might be nice to take into consideration how logos look when they are made
into very small images.  Some of the original submissions had images that would have been
unrecognizable if shrunk into a very small format.

Jeremy Boynes <jboynes@apache.org> wrote:
Given the large number of "None of the above" votes I would suggest we 
re-open submissions for another month and restart the process on 5/1/05.


Jean T. Anderson wrote:
> How should we proceed?
> In parallel, we might consider reopening logo submission. I noticed 
> during voting that some people added info such as "want logo N, but 
> _without_ the feather" or "want logo N, but _with_ a feather". Do we 
> want to reopen submission so logo artists can incorporate suggested 
> modifications (or not)?
> -jean

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