Hello ,
Barnet Wagman replied me , to use setBinaryStream method of Blob interface.
But How can I instantiate Blob object , as it is interface and I dont know it's implemetation ?
How I can get blob object to call setBinaryStream.
that is :
ps.setBinaryStream(psParamIndex, ins, b.length);
from where you got this ps and what is the value of psParamIndex.

thank you

-- mithun

Barnet Wagman <b.wagman@comcast.net> wrote:
I always serialize the object to a byte[]  and then use setBinaryStream(), e.g.

byte[] b = ... // serialize arbitrary object to byte[]

ByteArrayInputStream ins = new ByteArrayInputStream(b);
ps.setBinaryStream(psParamIndex, ins, b.length);

I've found this to be reliable. FYI Problems with using setObject () with blobs is not
specific to Derby.  I've had to use the above with MySQL and Oracle as well.


Suavi Ali Demir wrote:
How about you first serialize your object into a
byte[] and then do a setBytes() ? And then to read it
back you can do getBytes() and then deserialize from
that byte[]. Would that work?

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