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From Trevor Squires <tre...@protocool.com>
Subject Re: identity column causes grief when populating table - suggestions?
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 19:57:45 GMT
Thanks Ali,

the docs I've found only show support for "generated always as" 
tinkering with variations on that syntax doesn't seem to work...

I agree that it would solve my problem - if it existed today.


Suavi Ali Demir wrote:
> Will derby support "default" keyword as in:
> create table a(
> id int not null generated by DEFAULT as identity,
> ...
> or something like that? That would solve these
> problems as it would only generate values if we do not
> specify the value.
> Regards,
> Ali
> --- Trevor Squires <trevor@protocool.com> wrote:
>>I've been googling all morning and can't find info
>>to solve this problem 
>>(using derby of course), I hope someone here can
>>As I write my application I have a script which
>>blats and recreates my 
>>database and then populates the tables with test
>>However, many of my tables have identity columns and
>>it's causing the 
>>following error when I insert the data:
>>  11:06:26  [INSERT - 0 row(s), 0.016 secs]  [Error
>>Code: 30000, SQL 
>>State: 42Z23]  Attempt to modify an identity column
>>Here's my table:
>>create table sample (
>>	id int not null generated always as identity,
>>	description varchar(128) not null,
>>	quantity double not null,
>>         constraint product_pk primary key (id)
>>Here's my insert statement
>>insert into sample (ID, DESCRIPTION, QUANTITY)
>>values (1, 'blah', 1.1);
>>I've tried to create the table without "generated
>>always as identity" 
>>and then altering the table after the insert(s).
>>Unfortunately I can't get the syntax right and I
>>can't figure out if 
>>there's a way to turn off identity generation
>>Does anyone have any suggestions like pointer to the
>>right way to do 
>>this or a relatively painless workaround?
>>Thanks for listening,

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