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From Stanley Bradbury <bradb...@Mutagen.Net>
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2005 16:13:00 GMT
michaelbaranov@mail.ru wrote:

>I'm experiencing a problem using the IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL function. Any
>query with this function fails with an SQLException with message:
>      Unexpected token: IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL in statement ........
>I have the identity column in one of my tables, on which I successfully
>perform single-record inserts. Well, it seems it just doesn't even
>parse! I'm really upset about it. I have to use a workaround like:
>instead of IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL().
>Can anyone help?
>I'm using:
>JRE 1.4.2
>Apache DERBY v.1.7.3
 From the docuementation I am guessing that an insert must have just 
been performed on that table before using this function, unlike the 
MAX() function that performs a table scan of any numeric column and 
returns the highest value regardless of  when it was inserted.

 From the Docs:
The value returned by the IDENTITY_VAL_LOCAL function is the value 
assigned to the identity column of the table identified in the most 
recent single row INSERT statement.

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