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From Jeff Levitt <de...@mylevita.com>
Subject Re: Developer Guide Documentation
Date Thu, 10 Feb 2005 21:53:40 GMT


I'm not sure where you are having problems with the
conversion to PDF.  Is it a missing ditamap, or were
you having problems using saxon to merge the topics
using the ditamap?  I just double checked the
Developer's Guide zip file that is available on the
manuals site, and there is indeed a derbydev.ditamap
file in the zip.  Try resorting the files so you can
find the ditamap, but it should be there.  As for the
conversion to PDF, I am about to make another post to
the Derby-dev list concerning this.  I have been
spending a lot of time lately with the xsl files that
you get with the DITA package, and I have been
learning xsl and reworking the files as I go.  I am
now happy to report that using my modified xsl files,
we can have a working PDF that is CLEAR to read,
perfectly formatted, and has cross-links that work.  I
already talked to Jean, and she is anticipating the
post and will make a new version of the Getting
STarted Guide PDF available next to that old example
one, as well as my modified DITA xsl files available
in a zip file.  So look for that soon (before the end
of the day)...

If you continue to have problems with the conversion
after using my modified files, I have been spending a
lot of time working with this (and I have been
creating the DITA content as well) so please post back
and I will be glad to help work out any kinks.


>>>>does anyone have the Developer Guide documentation
in any other form

i went to follow the directions for converting
dita-to-pdf, but
there doesn't seem to be a ditamap that helps merge
all the dita files
for the developer docs.

this was after i downloaded the dev guide dita
files(read a little),
downloaded dita (read a littlle), downloaded saxon
(read a little),=20
and tried to bring it all together in one pdf file.

although, i can cleary see the benefits of the dita
format, it sure
would be nice if the docs were available in ANY human
readable format=20
for easy download.

hopefully, i just couldn't find the link to it :)

many thanks,

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