I am setting up the Derby build environment by following the instructions on its website. For the part:
2.2.6 Download jakarta-servlet API 4 (Servlet 2.4)
jakarta-servlet API 4 (jakarta-servletapi-4-yyyymmdd.zip or
jakarta-servletapi-4-yyyymmdd.tar.gz) can be downloaded from:
Note: There is zip and tar file for nightly build for every day.
Download the zip or tar file for latest day.

I went to http://www.ibiblio.org/maven/servletapi/jars/ and

First of all these sites do not have an exact file of name: jakarta-servletapi-4-yyyymmdd.zip
I downloaded some zip files from there, but none of them have a lib/servlet.jar file in them which is required for derby.
Can someone please tell me where to get servlet.jar file from?

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