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From Susan Cline <...@MeepZor.Com>
Subject Re: [ Re: Eclipse plug-in for Derby base]
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2005 00:02:33 GMT
Jean wrote:

 >Hi, Susan,
 >I'll update the integration summary page at 
 >http://incubator.apache.org/derby/papers/misc.html, but I'm a little 
 >confused. What's the difference between this plug-in and the one at 
 >http://incubator.apache.org/derby/papers/derby_plugin.html ?

 >> Susan Cline wrote:
 >> This plug-in is now available from an IBM download site.  As mentioned
 >> above, it requires Rajesh's Derby Core plug-in since the Derby plug-in
 >>has the derby jar files.  The new plug-in is called IBM Integration 
plug-in for Derby.  It's free - although you do have to register for the 
download and agree to the license.
 >>Go to:

Hi Jean,

Let me clarify a little bit:

The Integration plug-in for Derby contains the DB2 Universal Driver jar 
files to allow for client connectivity to the Derby Network Server. 
Additionally, it contains the Eclipse UI component which creates the 
menu items to start and stop the Derby Network Server, run ij and 
sysinfo, and also has help documentation.

The Derby core plug-in contains just the derby jar files - derby.jar, 
derbytools.jar and derbynet.jar, so developers who do not want any 
Eclipse UI components around Derby can still add the derby jar files to 
their class path for Eclipse java projects and gain access to the Derby 

The added benefit of the Integration plug-in is in the ease of use for 
the familiar derby tools - ij and sysinfo from within Eclipse.  Also, 
the Derby network server can be started and stopped without having to 
set the environment in a command line environment.

Let me know if this needs further explanation and I'd be happy to try to 
make it more clear.  Thanks for updating the integration page.



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