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From myrna <my...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: JDBC driver question
Date Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:46:29 GMT
Plus, you could switch on the RetrieveMessagesFromServerOnGetMessage 
property on. Put it in a derby.properties file where you start 
networkserver. It's actually a performance-enhancing measure not to have 
it on by default - it may make sense to have it on while you're developing.

I did a search on the apache derby site for 'error network server' and 
the 4th (or so) hit discusses this.

re opensource driver, see the final part of this thread:

SQLState 23502 is actually: Column ''<columnname>''  cannot accept a 
NULL value; so Ali is probably right - you'll need to drill down to get 
to the actual problem.
You can also add the following properties to your derby.properties file:
and you'll see more details show up in the derby.log to help analyze 


Suavi Ali Demir wrote:

>It may show error message if you call
>Exception.getMessage() or
>Exception.getLocalizedMessage() and also loop through
>nested exceptions using
>SQLException.getNextException() and get the nested
>exceptions' stack trace and getMessage(). 
>I think Derby does not support RETURN_GENERATED_KEYS
>and nested exception may say so in this case.
>--- Jonathan Eric Miller <jemiller@uchicago.edu>
>>Hi. I'm new to using Derby. I've used it with
>>limited success so far. 
>>Currently, I'm receiving the following exception
>>while attempting to insert 
>>a row in a table using a PreparedStatement which was
>>created using the 
>>Can someone tell me where I can find out what these
>>error codes mean (why o 
>>why doesn't IBM just print meaningful error messages
>>like every other JDBC 
>>driver on the face of the planet)? I looked around
>>on IBM's Web site to no 
>>avail. On a related note, will there be an open
>>source JDBC driver for 
>>com.ibm.db2.jcc.c.SqlException: DB2 SQL error:
>>SQLCODE: -1, SQLSTATE: 23502, 
>>ERRMC: ID¶23502
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.c.zc.d(zc.java:1351)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.a.eb.l(eb.java:366)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.a.eb.a(eb.java:64)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.a.r.a(r.java:48)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.a.ub.c(ub.java:266)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.c.ad.Z(ad.java:1666)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.c.ad.d(ad.java:2224)
>>        at com.ibm.db2.jcc.c.ad.V(ad.java:521)
>>        at

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