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From David Fallside <c...@remulak.net>
Subject Re: Logo proposal
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2005 03:41:26 GMT
Jean T. Anderson wrote:

> Andrew Kachalo wrote:
>> Good day!
>> I'd like to join the Derby logo contest, proposing two my logos:
>> ...
> Thanks for the submission. I'll add them, along with any others that 
> get submitted, to the Derby logo contest page at the end of today.
> -jean
Of all the logo's I've seen so far, I like the jigsaw puzzle piece 
concept best. Have to be careful to differentiate it from W3C's Jigsaw 
Server logo (see http://www.w3.org/Jigsaw/) but I think that is doable. 
Also, I have some suggestions for improving (IMHO) the current version:
-- set the piece at an angle
-- overlap the "Derby" text with the piece and make the text white where 
it overlaps
-- use a corner piece .... afterall, Derby is a cornerstone isn't it?    ;-)
-- use an asymmetrical piece
-- try putting a (faint) database symbol (a cylinder) onto the piece
I currently do not have any software for implementing these suggestions ....

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