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From "Jean T. Anderson" <...@bristowhill.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] RIFE v0.8.2 released with Derby support
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 17:38:35 GMT
Thanks for the post! I'll add a link to it on 
http://incubator.apache.org/derby/papers/misc.html .

In the "Products by Type" section on that page I'll also add a "Web 
Application Framework" section -- and now I get to reveal how little I 
understand about all these products. I think the products that would 
belong in a "Web Application Framework" section include Cocoon, 
Geronimo, JBoss, JOnAS, Red Hat App Server, and Rife. But I'm really 
fuzzy on any distinctions people might make between web application 
frameworks and web application servers.

If somebody were looking for a product that does "X" on Derby, what 
category would be helpful? And which products would belong to that category?



Geert Bevin wrote:

> Hello,
> I write this mail to announce the release of RIFE v0.8.2 with 
> complete  support for Derby throughout the whole framework. We 
> initially  supported Cloudscape 5, but since it's now not available 
> anymore as a  demo or a free download, we ported the support over to 
> Derby.
> RIFE is a framework that offers an alternative approach to web  
> application development and design. It builds upon the Java platform,  
> and aims to offer all required tools and APIs to implement and 
> perform  common website related tasks in a fast, intuitive and 
> consistent  manner. More information about the project and its 
> features can be  found on http://rife.dev.java.net
> RIFE provides support for Derby initially through its own O/R library  
> that integrates object-oriented query builders and has a layered  
> approach to database abstraction and persistence. It allows you to be  
> assisted all the way from needing to write database-specific queries 
> to  wanting to quickly handle regular object persistence requirements 
> in a  single line.
> RIFE also provides a content management framework that allows you to  
> easily store rich data directly in the database with optional  
> transformations, keeping it structured and versioned. Afterwards,  
> everything is provided to stream the content out straight from the  
> database through the server to a web client, or to embed it inside 
> web  pages.
> RIFE provides other libraries with database back-ends: credentials,  
> authentication, resource storage and scheduler. They provide a  
> significant head-start when having to develop applications that 
> require  these features.
> RIFE's sumo distribution ships with Derby and one only needs  
> to setup a datasource to be able to start working with the database.  
> More information about that can be found here:  
> http://rifers.org/docs/usersguide/ch07.html#sect1_database_participant
> A datasource definition for Derby could for example be:
> <datasource name="derbyds">
>     <driver>org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDriver</driver>
>     <url>jdbc:derby:embedded_dbs/derby;create=true</url>
>     <user>username</user>
>     <password>password</password>
>     <poolsize>5</poolsize>
> </datasource>
> More information about using a database with RIFE can be found in the  
> users guide (http://rifers.org/docs/usersguide/ch07.html), in the 
> wiki  (http://rifers.org/wiki/display/RIFE/Database) and in the 
> javadocs  (http://rifers.org/docs/api/com/uwyn/rife/database/package- 
> summary.html).
> I hope that you will find RIFE a valuable addition to your toolset.
> Best regards,
> Geert Bevin
> -- 
> Geert Bevin                       Uwyn bvba
> "Use what you need"               Avenue de Scailmont 34
> http://www.uwyn.com               7170 Manage
> gbevin[remove] at uwyn dot com    Tel +32 64 84 80 03
> PGP Fingerprint : 4E21 6399 CD9E A384 6619  719A C8F4 D40D 309F D6A9
> Public PGP key  : available at servers pgp.mit.edu, wwwkeys.pgp.net

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